Save The Date!!!

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Wheel of Chance…

Something new for BOB 2011

In Games of chance, here are some of the best odds in the world! The Wheel of Chance has only twenty tickets on sale for each item. When the twenty tickets for an item are sold, the Wheel of Chance is spun. Whoever has the winning number, wins that prize… It’s that easy! We are really excited about this new edition to our annual fundraiser. What a fun and easy way to win a great high dollar prize! So far we have items from R & R Limousine, Belle of Louisville, and several area restaurants not to mention 4 passes to all the Walt Disney Theme parks, a $500 value! We are working on getting an Apple iPad, a 42” television, and a chalet in Gatlinburg and many more!

After a rough start getting ready for BOB (having to change the date not once, not twice but four times!) we are getting excited as we plan the event, start to pin down sponsors, local celebrities, and donated items. As our only big fundraiser, this is our time to shine and really show the community what we do and what Blue Apple is all about.  

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What is a Bully?

By Annie Smith

When I was a kid my best friend told everyone in my grade not to talk to me. To this day, I have no idea why, but I do know that it hurt my feelings and I will never forget it. If someone were to ask me back then if I had ever been bullied I would have said “no.” No one has ever beaten me up or taken my lunch money. But then, I saw the Blue Apple Players Perform their new musical, BULLIES. I learned from the show that Bullying is more than just someone beating up on someone else.

Bullying can be calling someone names or even spreading rumors behind someone’s back by talking or by writing things about someone on the internet. I learned from the Blue Apple show that I bullied when I was kid and I wish I had known back then that I could’ve done something about it. If you want to see what being a Bully really is, and learn some ways to handle bullying and possibly stop it at your school, you should go see BULLIES. Also check out “Where you are not alone.”

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