Bullying Workshop

In October 2010, Heather Burns (Education Director) and Gina Theresa Cisto (Education Associate) visited Louisville Central Community Center (LCCC) with a workshop called Exploring Bullying Behaviors Through Drama. The purpose of the workshop is to help students learn to identify the variety of bullying behaviors they might encounter  and also to practice – through acting – the proactive techniques that will “defuse” a bullying situation.

The LCCC students were led by staff member Geraldine Woods. Ms. Woods is a really special person in the Louisville community, and is one of the biggest supporters of arts education. As the Manager of Education & Fine Arts at LCCC,  she ensures that the LCCC students are exposed to a variety of arts throughout their time at the center. Her reward is in the flourishing creativity of all of her students.

So, in October, Blue Apple made two visits to LCCC – delivering the Exploring Bullying Behaviors Through Drama curriculum in two 90 minute sessions. The students were very inspired by the workshop. they wanted to continue to talk about bullying and work through their thoughts and experiences about it between the sessions. With all that energy and creativity in the room, Ms. Woods suggested that they put their thoughts down on paper and create a rap.

Hence – several raps were written about bullying! And when Ms. Burns and Ms. Cisto returned for their second session, they were greeted by excited students eager to perform their Bullying Raps. These are what they performed…


By: Joshua, Elijah and Kameron

I’m walking from school

To Home

I’m really happy

Because I got cologne

My momma is so proud

That she’s going to Golden Corral

I went to the park

A bully came to me

And said he’s gonna hit me kick

Until I run out of energy

Bad bully, bad bully

What you gonna do?

What you gonna do

When they’re looking for you?

Babababa-Bad bully

Babababa-Bad bully

Babababa-Bad bully


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Super Storytime Fun!

Bring the Family Out for STORYTIME!

Storytellers will engage audiences with

Fairy Tales & Multi-cultural Folktales!

Why Tell Stories?

Stories Can Help Children:

Motivate interest in reading

Develop language

Cope with stress

Develop imagination

Appreciate his/her own cultural heritage, as well as others

Make decisions

Form judgments and values

We invite your family to ANY of the Storytimes listed below!

*~*All Storytimes are FREE and open to the public*~*



Wallitsch Nursery & Garden Center

2608 Hikes Lane

Louisville, KY 40218

Saturday, May 28th 1:00 – 2:00 PM

If you have any further questions please contact Heather Burns at Heather@blueappleplayers.org or our office at 502-587-7990/1-800-587-7990.

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