Blue Apple Players has merged with Walden Theatre to create the region’s most comprehensive theatre conservatory and education provider for young people, their families, schools, and community centers.


But it’s still early days!

Please keep this in mind as you review the programs described throughout this site.


The programs listed here are not a complete reflection of our merged programming, and while we plan to retain most of the excellent programs with which you’re familiar, they are for now intended only to provide examples.


We will be migrating all educational program options from both Blue Apple Players and Walden Theatre to a new website, but until such time we encourage you to use both this site AND Be advised that this site will see little in the way of updates as we concentrate our efforts on combining both companies’ programs on the more robust Walden Theatre web platform. This will make transition to a single website a much more manageable process, and we thank you for your patience as we sort it all out.


We welcome your input and programming inquiries as we assemble a new,  combined resource base to continue meeting your needs and those of your students.