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Blue Apple tours over 150 performances of its award-winning original musicals each year, reaching nearly 60,000 youth throughout a ten state region. Venues have ranged from the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. to inner city Chicago schools and log gymnasiums in the mountains of Kentucky.
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Touring Fall 2013

No More Secrets focuses on a young girl who is being sexually abused by one of her neighbors.This nationally acclaimed musical written by Geraldine Ann Snyder has proved to be an effective tool in preventing child sexual abuse. It educates without sensationalism and has also helped hundreds of victims shed the guilt and shame so often a lasting scar of this crime.
Blue Apple Players does not undertake performing a show about the topic of child abuse lightly. The script was written with the guidance of a team of the leading professionals in the field of prevention and intervention.  We also consulted with experts in child abuse prevention when writing our lesson plan.  Our show meets all recommendations for an effective body safety program. This show was last performed six years ago and also 29 years before that.  We have hundreds of letters from people who saw the show and were helped by watching it.  To this day, we hear from now – adults who remember seeing the show and who will never forget seeing a performance that stopped the abuse that was happening to them. 


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