In-School and After-School Programs

In-School & After-School Programs

Blue Apple brings these educational theater programs to your site. Programs can be scheduled during or after school. To ensure personal attention, we limit class size to 30 during the school day and 14 after school.

STORYTIME • Grades PreK – 3
Join in this lively, interactive storytelling program. Children participate through imagination, sound and movement. Led by two teaching artists, this session encourages active listening, comprehension and language development – all skills vital to early literacy. Choose from seasonal stories, multicultural folktales or classic fairy tales. A handout with simple storytelling techniques is provided. 40 minutes ($125) • 30 minutes ($100)

STORY CRAFT – Bring a story to life with drama! Story Craft is an exciting workshop that
builds active listening through traditional storytelling, and reinforces students knowledge
of literacy through kinesthetic drama activities. Students take on the roles and create the
story’s environment to learn foundational literary elements. This workshop is a great
place to start before students begin writing their own stories. 60 minutes ($100) 90
minutes ($150)

Our brand new mini-play program, StoryTime Theatre, features an entertaining 30 minute performance with whimsical props and costumes, and a 15 minute educational Question & Answer session.

“LEGENDS – On The Trail of Daniel Boone” is a lively production featuring four professional actors whose comedic retelling of the legends of Daniel Boone, delight and entertain audiences of all ages. With a focus on the literary structures of legends, the actors investigate fact vs folklore. The show encourages students’ creativity by utilizing innovative props and costumes. Through each legend the audience will experience the trials and adventures  of one the greatest American frontiersmen!
$500 per performance (Travel Fee for schools outside Jefferson County and Southern Indiana)

Enter different animal habitats and make exciting discoveries using creative movement and role-play. Activities include drawing and writing to support literacy skills.

JOURNEY TO OZ • Grades K-2.
Students explore the world of Oz through imagination and pretend! This popular workshop allows participants to follow the yellow brick road to fun and adventures in the land of the wizard. Along the way, students step into the story through movement, music and role play – developing skills in creative expression.

Students help Jack save the day as they climb into an enchanted world of exciting characters and strange happenings! They discover that there’s more to the story then they’ve ever been told when they encounter the Giant. Participants develop skills in creative expression as they step into the story through movement, music and role play. On the last day we will share the story of our adventure with an audience.

Extend your theater experience beyond seeing a Blue Apple production. Hands-on workshops prepare students for the content and themes of the play as well as expectations for live theater. Follow-up activities are provided for teacher.
One hour workshop ($100)
Additional workshops during the same day will receive a reduced fee.

Bring a story to life through drama. Students take on roles and create the story’s environment to learn about character, plot and setting. While exploring the story, group develops skills in literacy and decision-making. Opportunities for extensions in writing and drawing.


Build your skills in using the tools of an actor – body, voice and imagination – through theater games, movement, music, observation exercises, improvisation and original scene development. Sessions are tailored to age of participants and focus on working as a group. One-hour, One & a half-hour, and two-hour workshops available. Workshops can be customized to include a Sharing (informal performance) for an audience of family, friends and/or classmates (Rates begin at $100 per session). Length of workshop or residency based on your needs.

Designed to engage through self expression, Blue Apple Players guide students through a variety of drama games, confidence building activities, observation exercises, group discussion, and creative role play based on the topic of bullying behaviors.
Introductory Session: 60 – 90 minutes; $250 – $300; limit 30 students.
♦Teambuilding Activities & Strengthening relationships
♦Learning basic drama techniques to encourage/practice self-expression
♦Identifying bullying behaviors through discussion and acting techniques
♦Beginning exploration of proactive responses to bullying behaviors 

 In-Depth Session: 2-3 hours; $400 – $500; limit 30 students.
♦All of the above components of introductory curriculum
♦Extensive exploration of proactive responses
♦Understanding the difference between pro-active and re-active behavioral choices
♦Preparing students for bullying encounters through practicing proactive responses with acting techniques.

PLAYBUILDING • Grades 4-12
Create an original performance piece to share with an audience. Collaborate to choose a topic, improvise, reflect on what you want to say as a group, and rehearse. Participants work as actors, playwrights, directors and reviewers during this process.
Residency: 20 hour minimum ($2000)
Consistent attendance required for this model.

WHAT DO YOU NEED FOR YOUR CLASS?• Grades PreK – 12 and adults
We’ll design a workshop or residency that assists you in helping your students learn. Our custom-designed, interactive workshops will promote learning in:
Drama (Building skills in: performance, voice, movement, character, monologues, etc.)
Other Subjects/Topics (Examples include using drama as a vehicle for exploring: early colonial America in social studies, poetry, writing dialogue, self-esteem and personal history.)
Workshop: One, two or three hours ($100/hr.)
Residency: Rates available based on project

All sessions require an enclosed, distraction-free space. Libraries, large classrooms or music rooms are ideal. Classroom teacher required to be present during all in-school programming. A member of the school or site staff is requested for any after-school programming, but not required.

A travel fee is applied to programs if mileage is more than 20 miles roundtrip from downtown Louisville. Fee is based on distance and number of visits.