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Theater that Makes a Difference!

Blue Apple encourages children to talk with their parents or guardians about the experience of seeing a Blue Apple musical with their school group. Although we have learned that many teachers and parents attending performances are seeing musical theater for the first time, thousands of parents are not able to attend school day performances with their children.

We were able to document 2,033 conversations between parents and children about their Blue Apple experience.

Following a 56% return rate of questionnaires, we learned that:

  • 78% of students only attend theater with their schools
  • Most parents reported being surprised that their child liked theater
  • Many reported that they would now look for ways to incorporate theater into their family activities.

One of the most poignant comments was from the parent of a first grader who wrote:

“I think my child enjoyed the show (JOHNNY APPLESEED) very much and was very anxious to tell us about it. This show seemed to make Michael feel better about his Dad’s death.”

The child, in his own writing went on to tell us:

“I learned not to shoot people with slingshots…..the ocean and the stars and everything you see is someone you love that died”

This is the power of quality theater that speaks to the emotions shared by young and old.

Improving Children’s Academic & Social Development

Evaluations demonstrate a profound impact on academic performance and children’s developmental growth.

  • 98% of teachers report that Blue Apple’s program improved students’ creative thinking skills.
  • 96% of teachers tell us Blue Apple programs helped students learn to cooperate and work together.
  • “My child enjoyed the show (JOHNNY APPLESEED) very much and was very anxious to tell us about it. This show seemed to make Michael feel better about his Dad’s death.” Parent of 1st grader, KY
  • “This student has serious emotional problems and usually withdraws altogether – or acts out. However, during Blue Apple classes, he volunteered to perform or lead or answer questions.” Teacher, Western Middle School
  • “Watching your process with these students has taught me things about teaching that in 35 years, I never knew.”
  • Students’ writing improved after the workshop, particularly in its organization of a beginning, middle, and end. I now use some of these techniques and have students “act out” ideas before writing. 5th grade teacher
  • The year following your performance of CONSEQUENCES, we had a significant drop in the number of young women that became pregnant.” Principal, Calloway Co., KY High School
  • “After their work with Blue Apple, students’ test scores increased 74%.” Dr. Dean Hite, Principal, Western Middle School
“….as a child I was really influenced by the play I seen by Blue Apple players. I was about 5-6 years old. It had happened to me. My babysitter had molested me. I told my teacher, who told my mom. I don’t know if I ever would have told, if I had not seen that play. So, thank you for your work. I will never forget that day…. and it happened over 20 years ago.” K.C.- 2007 “(drama)…helps us express our feelings more. It helps us act out in a different way. It’s an option to anger and violence.” Male student after a Blue Apple workshop, Liberty High School – a JCPS Safety Net School

Generating over $2.9 million a year for the Kentucky Economy

  • Blue Apple programs generate over $ 2.9 million a year including household income, government revenue and support to local businesses. (Americans for the Arts Economic Study) Attending the arts as a child is the leading predictor of ticket buying as an adult. Blue Apple programs have reached over 2.5 million children. Many return as adults with their children and actively support the arts.
  • Over 68% of parents whose children attended Blue Apple performances reported being surprised their child liked theater and will now look for opportunities to include it in family activities. START survey
“I remember feeling that I was the only one that they had come to perform for. It was that initial exposure that made me an arts fan. I love theater and musicals.” L. Dobson, saw Blue Apple as a child and now brings her child to performances